091.My family has grown


There is a family blog!
I tend to introduce new pets under the heading “My family has grown!”

Goldfish! cute~!

Probably not leaking!

I’m looking around at once! cute~!

I got a goldfish from an acquaintance of Mama!
The smaller one. Jumped up from a nap and started taking care of the goldfish!

Take care cute ~!

I’ll give you a lot of rice!

It’s cute looking!

Look at it!

What does it mean to spend time with living things?
I want you to feel various things in your daily life!

Good face ~! cute!

By the way, all five goldfish were named orange.
Don’t do it with the same name. Demon of efficiency.
That’s why I became a big family, but thank you for your continued support.

A smaller one that grows oranges. It was cute too!

Mama’s friends and family who received the goldfish are the readers of this blog.
“The number of’smaller and smaller ones’ will increase!”
He told me that he was the most grateful story.
Ah, I think my daughter is really loved by many people.
I’m really thankful to you!
The little one. And the smaller one. And even more small. ,
I want to take good care of it!

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